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Weekly Check In Post

We're starting a new weekly tradition here at yourownuni, the Weekly Check In Post. Please leave a comment telling everyone what you've done this week and what you hope to do next week. Feel free to chat with other people about their accomplishments or goals in the comments.


This week I accomplished very little on my list (well, it was also my first week of work). Next week, I am going to pick up the Iliad again and actually write a review. I'm also going to order my copy of Hnele Latin so I cna get started on that as well.
Finally finished chapter 8 of Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe. Midway through chapter 9. Wrapping my brain around Calabi-Yau shapes.
Read Eats Shoots & Leaves.
Did research on diabetic gastroparesis, which was actually for fanfic, but I'm counting it as anatomy.

Oh, and I went for a jog this morning, which isn't really educational but I'm proud of it.

Next week hope to be thoroughly confused by string theroy again, maybe on chapter 10 or 11, and maybe start some of that Classical study I've been harping about.

(And I'd like to say thank you again. The only reason I sat down with my book last night was so I'd have something to say today.)
Research is research, it totally doesn't matter why you did it :) I'm glad this helps you to be motivated, I really enjoy having other people hanging around here!
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