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Hey. I'm quite interested in this comm. I've never seen anything like it and it's rather hard to find resources for self education. Hope I'm not being to bold by joining.

Long term goals- Have basic grasp of Latin, Greek and other languages.
Be able to write in a grammatically correct way.
Have basic grasp of modern science.
Have basic grasp of Classical sciences.
Improve math skills.
Fill in historical knowledge. (My highschool was heavy on the American Revolution and not much else.)
Learn to keep to a study schedule.
Greatly improve my knowledge of the human body.

Short term goals.
Complete my reading of Brian Greene's The Elegant Universe (Been stuck on chapter 8 for a while.)
Read The Greek Way by Edith Hamilton
Read and take notes on A Source Book of Greek Science
Complete my Latin Made Easy workbook.
Watch two French movies a month to improve horrid French.
And read any number of Great Books or nonfiction references.

I love the idea of a weekly check up. Perhaps everyone could take a day? Or everyone check in on Friday? I'm very excited about all this.


HI! Wow, I'm so excited that someone else is interested in this comm. I've been being way lazy about it, as I'm in the last step of finishing off my thesis. I'm really glad you've joined and posted. I've always ment to post a weekly check in thread on Friday, I just haven't actually gotten around to it yet. But now that I have someone to bug me if I forget, I'll try and be on the ball :) Welcome!
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